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Nice to meet you!

Hi My Name is Michelle Duarte. I am a vibrant, passionate 50  year old mama of 2 littles! I met the love of my life, in my late 30s and we were blessed with our miracle babies when I was 44 & 45 yrs old! Now I am blessed to stay home with my babies and have a job that I am beyond grateful for!  I want to help everyone I can with your mind & body! As my mom always says: U got it flaunt it beautiful..Inside & Out!  xo Michelle

What Drives me!

Living a happy and loving life for myself and my family is my first priority and helping others do the same is my PASSION! Also, I want to make sure I stay young and active  (inside & out) so my kids have a mama that feels and looks good for MANY YEARS to come!  I want to wake up everyday with Joy and Love in my life! Let me help each of you do the same! xo


AgeLOC Lumi Spa

The AgeLoc LumiSpa is a game changer! Not your ordinary face cleaner...so much more!! Our Nutricentials line is more then meets the eye, what makes it amazing is the that is is BioAdaptive and that it blocks blue lite,as well as so much more!

Galvanic Facial Spa (scalp/hair and body)

When you are ready to start staying ahead of the aging genes we have the right tool for to use AT HOME and stop the clock, whether your 20 or 60 yrs old...this is a must have in tool! (Medical grade. Short and long term visible results)

EPOCH Product Line

Epoch line is EPIC! Its good for you and GOOD foundation to help others too! I have at least 4 of these in my daily routine right now! I wish I would of had them sooner. Smooth feet and smooth skin (no more bumpies on my upper arms or cracked dry skin on my feet)!


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